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On-Grid Solar Plant

In Edmond Energy we provide Solar water heater as a reliable renewable resource that is sustainable and can be used for multiple purpose. The solar system has been used for centuries to heat water and continues to be an option today.

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At Edmond Energy, we offer solar solutions that give you sufficient water with lower monthly bills. Our solar water pump system is efficient, simple, and flexible. It works in tandem with backup generators and an electrical grid.

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Off-Grid Solar Power

An off grid solar system is one which is not connected to the grid. Our off grid solar system works with a battery bank that will store all the electricity that has been generated this will result as an advantage for our clients.

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Solar LED Street Lights

Our Solar LED Street Light are ideal for illumination in mainroads, street, Gardens, etc. giving our clients a powerful source of illumination with easy installation.

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Solar Fencing

With our Solar fencing you can protect and preserve your assets of your property, either in high security areas, agricultural produce or even livestock.

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Solar Panels

Our solar panel is a component of a photovoltaic system where a number of Solar cells are used to build a single solar panel. Our solar panels are used to generate electricity, absorbing photons from the Sun.

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Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater

On Edmond Energy we provide to our clients’ solar power services.
With our solar plant you will be able to use green power, bringing no pollution to the environment and you will get lower electricity bills.

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Solar Water Pump

Edmond energy is leaving its footprints to become a single point of contact for small-scale to large-scale solar power plant commissioning nationally and internationally. we are an Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm with its values deeply rooted in developing sustainable and green energy for a better future.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

we at Edmond energy Pvt. ltd provide the operation and maintenance to all our customers to their satisfaction. With a dedicated staff in the O&M division, we predict and plan preventive and corrective maintenance services to maintain the overall efficiency of the plant commissioned once in 3 months.